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Avengers (1963) 9

Today’s non-holiday adds a little mystery with its unknown origins and dark lenses. Today is National Sunglasses Day.

Since 2009, June 27 has been set aside for a subject lauded in song and popularized in film. From ZZ Top’s Dark Sunglasses to Arnold’s trademark shades in the original Terminator, sunglasses are a fashion statement and a health recommendation.

Each year National Sunglasses Day gains momentum from organizations such as The Vision Council. Humans may love the sun, but it doesn’t always reciprocate. Harmful UV rays cause our eyes to be at risk while we have fun in the sun.

Four Color Holidays’ spokesman for the day wears his shades for a completely different reason. Or, he used to before he donned his red and black singlet.

When Simon Williams first appeared, his green and red togs seemed a cross between nightmare and Christmas. Later he would don a red safari coat, black tights and boots. No matter what his fashion fau

Avengers (1963) 9x pas, Simons, aka Wonder Man, would have his red sunglasses.

In the beginning they resembled lenses in his facemask, but by the 1970s and his Marlin Perkins-inspired ensemble, they were definitely red sunglasses.

Williams began his career in what appeared to be a one-and-done as a villain in Avengers issue nine. Having appeared to have died, Williams did not return until Avengers 58 four years later.

The Avengers had conveniently saved his mind in a computer.

Oh, yeah, Simons had already been transformed into a being of ionic energy, seeking revenge against Tony Stark.

Anyway, following his reappearance in Avengers 58 the character was shelved for another few years only to return in a comatose cameo in Avengers 102. Kang the Conqueror would revive Simons/Wonder Man in the Avengers story arc 132-34.

Simon would finally become an Avenger after two more guest appearances with Avengers issue 160. Simon would pal with Hank “Beast” McCoy, even trying their hands at Hollywood.

He became a founding member of the West Coast Avengers in 1984, then joined Force Works a decade later. In 1994 he starred in his own series for 29 issues. Simons rejoined the Avengers in 1998. He has remained with the team since in most of its incarnations.

Now, to celebrate today, grab your favorite shades, head over to your local comic book shop and pick up some Wonder Man issues.

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