Posted Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 by Jeff

About Us


Guess I’ve put this off long enough. Though, I feel if you wanna know me, go check out some of the postings. Especially the earliest about me, Christmas mornings and comic books.

I’m just your normal geek with a taste for spandex-style adventure. In the comic books. Not personally. I mean, I’m not dressing up in anything skin-tight and running through the mean streets of downtown Middlebourne, WV, looking to thwart some crime.

If I’m running around in anything skin tight, it’s in the privacy of my own home and still not getting me anywhere in the bedroom.

But, with a nod to Peter David, I digress…

This site is a labor of love and doubt.

Jeff had been after me to do something with my Christmas comic book collection. When I wouldn’t give it to him, he suggested a Web site.

We mulled over names. Most were centered around Christmas With the Super-Heroes. Those domain names were already taken, so Jeff came up with the more generic Four Color Holidays.

And, it worked.

To our advantage.

At first, we focused on the big three:  Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween. Then, in an attempt to keep things interesting, we branched out. George Washington’s Birthday. Fourth of July. Easter.

I ran across where there was a national hamburger eating day or dentists’ day and remembered a goofy Bronze-Age Superman cover. From there, we’ve never looked back. The off-brand holidays have kinda become a trademark.

And, they’re fun.

Hopefully you agree.

So, go back, read some of the postings and decide who I am.


While a relative newcomer to the niche of hardcore holiday comic collecting, Jeff has been an avid comic book reader and collector since childhood.  He’s especially fond of super-hero fare but enjoys comics of all ilks and genres.

Having goaded Barry into investing his time in Four Color Holidays, Jeff is primarily responsible for FCH’s social media accounts & the technical behind-the-scenes of the website – if it’s broke, blame him.  He also likes to post artwork and miscellaneous trivia during the busy holiday season.  Finding the categorization and cataloging of things oddly enjoyable, he acts as the curator of the site’s Cover Galleries section and hopes to eventually expand it into a collection to be proud of.

Christmas is by far his favorite holiday.  His children would agree.