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Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 36

This is the last time this month we will use a Spider-Man villain to represent the day.

Mainly ‘cause it’s the last day of the month and, well, that’s why.

Today is National Meteor Watch Day. Yes, June 30 is the night we are to turn o

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 36

ur eyes heavenward with hopes in seeing a falling star.

Does that always happen?

No, but it does make for a romantic evening under the stars.

Less romantic is the host for the day/evening. Norton G. Fester was originally called The Looter. He began his crooked career seeking funding for his scientific endeavors.

Spider-Man defeated him in Amazing Spider-Man 36. After his escape from prison, Fester laid low until he could steal another meteor. Valkyrie and Spider-Man tackled the rechristened Meteor Man whom they recaptured.

In a scathing indictment of the prison system, Fester escaped again. This time he faced off against Bill Foster/Giant Man (II) and Spidey. Meteor Man’s then current invention literally blew up in his face causing the appearance of his death.

He, of course, did survive and battled Spider-Man – again. The Web Head went it alone this time and sent Meteor Man back to prison – again.

Before we all become dizzy from this merry-go-round of imprisonment and release, let’s remember the day for more interesting hot gasses.

Meteors are debris from space, often rock, the enter Earth’s atmosphere. The friction as they enter causes the surrounding air to burn. The flaming hot air around the debris is what laymen call a shooting star.

Meteors are usually seen at night when they are between 34 to 70 miles above the Earth. They usually disintegrate between 31 and 51 miles. Their glow time is about a second.

National Day Calendar has created a nine-step program for optimal meteor viewing.

Let’s all wish upon a falling star that Marvel finds a more interesting villain and quits trotting out Meteor Man.

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