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Wonder Woman (1942) 220

Wonder Woman’s ninth labor is chronicled by the Atom in “The Man Who Wiped Out Time!” on our way to Labor Day.

Chronos is the villain of the month. In keeping with his clock-themed crimes, Chronos “steals” time in New York City.

Wonder Woman spends 32 pages, including ads, deducing who the time thief is and then defeating him.

Chornos was created by Gardner Fox and Gil Kane. His first appearance was in The Atom (1962). Over time Chronos became one of the Atom’s chief villains.

Wonder Woman (1942) 220

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Wonder Woman (1942) 219

Wonder Woman’s labors are nearly as taxing as the tales in which she performs them.

Wonder Woman (1942) 219

Wonder Woman (1942) 219

Continuing the Amazon’s self-imposed labors for reinstatement to the Justice League of America, Elongated Man Ralph Dibny plays voyeur. He’s able to bring the reader along with the aid of a video camera.

In this issue Diana fights against the male-dominated patriarch of Xro. Their women have become uppity due to the influence of Earth females. The males have decided to kidnap the feminists of our planet. Once captured, they will be brainwashed into teaching the women of Xro they are to be subservient of the master race: Men.

Wonder Woman is able to foil their plan and transport the Earth woman back home. Thanks to Elongated Man’s recording of the event, fellow Justice Leaguers are able to see the entire adventure.

Fortunately for readers the labors are coming to an end. Only Atom, Hawkman and Batman have to observe.

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Wonder Woman (1942) 218

This issue is a two-fer with guest stars Red Tornado and the Phantom Stranger as they monitor Wonder Woman’s seventh and eighth labors, respectively.

Wonder Woman (1942) 218

Wonder Woman (1942) 218

Red Tornado observes as Wonder Woman loses control of her powers. She later finds astrologer Damon Celestris is responsible for the mishaps. He has invented a machine allowing people to achieve their dreams as he divines them. The catch is Wonder Woman’s powers interfere with both his device and plans.

Gearing for the Bicentennial the second story, “Give Her Liberty – And Give Her Death!” is Bronze (age) cheese. Felix Faust is the villain who is attempting to enslave America.

He is told by demons he summons Americans prize their liberty. To chain the people to his will, Faust must first take their symbols of freedom. That would include the Statue of Liberty.

Wonder Woman follows Lady Liberty to Faust’s hideaway after a heated battle. He reveals his plan and finds it foiled as the Amazon uses her whiles and weapons to best the fiend.

Click back tomorrow as the countdown to Labor Day continues with Wonder Woman’s 12 Labors.

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Wonder Woman (1942) 217

The continuing labors of Wonder Woman showcase Green Arrow as her watcher for issue 217.

Wonder Woman (1942) 217

First appearing in Wonder Woman (1942) issue one, the Duke of Deception returns in this 50-cent giant from May of 1975. In addition to the original story, two reprints flesh out the book. The first is “The Return of Diana Prince” from Sensation Comics issue nine. Second is “Fun House of Time” from Wonder Woman 101.

“The Day Time Broke Loose” has the Duke seeking control of the United Nations Delegates. With them in line he plans to “plunge the entire world into war…and make Mars, the War-God, bow to me…as Mars Once made me bow to him!”

Wonder Woman defeats the would-be war monger and Green Arrow is able to file his report recommending Wonder Woman for reinstatement to the Justice League of America.

The final word panel dedicates the story to Wonder Woman and lie detector creator “William Marston—alias Charles Moulton.”

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Wonder Woman (1942) 216

Wonder Woman’s fifth test in her 12 labors is to stop an invasion of men from setting foot on Paradise Island. Black Canary was the Amazon’s monitor in “Paradise of Peril!”

Wonder Woman (1942) 216

Wonder Woman (1942) 216

Billionaire Diogenes Diamandopoloulos, a thinly veiled doppelganger to Aristotle Onassis, channels his resources into conquering the timeless tale that no male may trod upon the island.

Legends say if man does step foot on Themyscira, the island will be engulfed in a tsunami or Zeus will hurl lightning bolts down from the heavens or that a whirlpool will suck the land mass to the bottom of the sea. In truth, if any man would walk on Paradise Island any Amazon would fall in love with him. The curse was spun by Aphrodite as punishment for Hippolyta deception by man.

Diamandopoloulos’ mercenary army attacks the island, but are repulsed by Wonder Woman and her sisters.
In the end it is revealed Diamandopoloulos has undertaken the gamble to impress Wonder Woman whom he has fallen in love.

Black Canary finishes her report with the recommendation Wonder Woman be reinstated as a Justice League member.

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Wonder Woman (1942) 215

Wonder Woman continues her labors in issue 215 as she and Aquaman defeat Mars, God of War.

Aquaman gets his feet dry as he observes Wonder Woman in New York City. Obstacles take the form of freak occurrences as each attempt to perform routine duties.

Wonder Woman (1942) 215

Wonder Woman (1942) 215

Wonder Woman is finally compelled to visit Paradise Island when she fails to make contact with her Amazon sisters. Aquaman attempts to follow, but is foiled until quick thinking permits him to find nourishment.

When the two do meet it is in the midst of a war between the merpeople of Atlantis and the Amazons of Paradise Island. The island has drifted thousands of miles to position itself over the city of Atlantis.

Mars delivers a soliloquy to Wonder Woman divulging his plan to pit the two races against each other in order for the god to feed. Aquaman and friend overhear the plot and are later able to defend Wonder Woman’s actions at the Hall of Justice.

Mars is taken into custody to stand accountable for his crime of war.

Readers are promised a team up with Wonder Woman and Black Canary in the following issue as the Amazon continues her labors.

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Wonder Woman (1942) 214

Wonder Woman (1942) 214

Wonder Woman (1942) 214

Wonder Woman finishes the third of her 12 labors for readmission to the Justice League of America.

Green Lantern is the Justice Leaguer appointed to monitor Wonder Woman’s third feat: halting the destruction of Earth.

“Wish Upon a Star” proves to Green Lantern Wonder Woman is ready to rejoin the Justice League. Diana Prince had voluntarily begun the labors in an effort to prove to herself she was capable of being a League member again.

There’s a big back story that has yet to be resolved, so follow as Four Color Holidays provides an advent calendar for Labor Day.

The issue marks Wonder Woman’s sole entry in the 100-page field. Also included are reprints “Wanted – – Wonder Woman,” “The Terror Trees of Forbidden Island,” “The Invisible Wonder Girl,” “The Masquerader” and “Revolt of Wonder Woman.”

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Wonder Woman (1942) 213

Continuing the tale of Wonder Woman and her 12 labors, the second was observed by Flash. The Amazon princess was at odds with a robot bent on spreading peace.

Wonder Woman (1942) 213

Wonder Woman (1942) 213

As America attempted to extricate itself from Viet Nam in the early 1970s and politicians like Henry Kissinger became celebrities, mediums like television, movies and, yes, even comic books took notice.

DC wasn’t the only comic book company to parlay the events of the day into fantasy fodder. Marvel’s Super-Villain Team-Up used the name and likeness of Kissinger. Captain America became a man with no country as Nomad when he turned his back on the United States following Watergate.

At National, pre-DC days, Kissinger became Hans Krissen and even courted Diana Prince.

The issue revolved around the notion Earth had succumb to pacifism. Inhabitants can no longer defend themselves against ordinary dangers. Wonder Woman discovers she and two others are immune and must challenge the cause.

Of course they succeed and the world is allowed to return to its barbaric ways. The Flash, who has been observing Wonder Woman’s trial, reported she proved extraordinary in her efforts. She is therefore recommended for reinstatement to the Justice League.

Enjoy the countdown to Labor Day with Wonder Woman’s 12 labors with more tomorrow.

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Wonder Woman (1942) 212

First, thanks to Dave’s Comic Heroes Blog. He birthed the correlation between Wonder Woman’s 12 Labors and Labor Day.

Taking the cue we’re gonna delve a little deeper into those chores as we lead up to the last hurrah of summer, Labor Day.

The 12 labors were introduced to Hercules as atonement for slaying his wife, son and daughter. Diana’s (Prince) penance was every bit as voluntary, but committed to prove to herself she is worthy to rejoin the Justice League of America.

Wonder Woman (1942) 212

Wonder Woman (1942) 212

To back up a little, DC, still National Periodicals, was attempting to update their characters. Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams had already revamped Batman, Green Lantern and Green Arrow.

Wonder Woman creators removed her powers. She was given a boutique and sensei named I Ching. He would train her to become a martial arts expert to compensate for the loss of her natural abilities.

The backlash was tremendous. Diana was allowed to return to her Amazonian princess status and regain her powers. Her rebirth was not without pain as creators attempted to reintroduce the heroine with her powers.

It was decided she had memory loss at the time she suffered her power loss. In addition, to prove to herself she was worthy to return to the Justice League fold she would have to perform 12 tasks. During each Wonder Woman would be monitored by a member of the League to determine if she passed.

Issue 212 was her return to William Moulton Marston’s original incarnation. As explained above, Wonder Woman discovered she had suffered memory loss and set about the first of her contests.

Superman was her observer narrating the story after the fact. In his eyes she passed her first test.

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Punisher Holiday Special (1993) 1

Steven Grant and Eric Fein take the Punisher down two very, un-Merry Christmas trails.

“Red Christmas” is the quest to bring Little Tony Caruso what he wants for Christmas. What he wants is the Punisher’s head in return for the death of his father.

Pleasant Valley Mall becomes the battleground.

Punisher Holiday Special (1993) 1

Punisher Holiday Special (1993) 1

It’s interesting to turn the clock back. Look at the backdrop with the drapings of 1993. At this writing, that was about 25 years ago. A time when compact discs still housed our music. Cordless telephones were high tech. Malls were still in vogue.

Maybe the best of the flashbacks was Stan’s Soapbox. Even after several months it’s hard to believe the man who raised so many of us has passed. It’s nice to know he’ll never be completely gone.

No seasonal glad tidings from The Man. No, Stan was at his best when huckstering. He was laying it on with a shovel in this issue. Marvel had conquered the United Kingdom and Stan wanted the Marvel Zombies in the colonies to know they could have a piece – for a nominal fee of course.

Rounding out the book, the body count drops in “Armed Salvation.” The Punisher teaches a little boy family is the more important than any petty grievances.