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Posted Sunday, May 9th, 2021 by Barry

The Tick Mother’s Day Special (2000) 1

This is just a confusing mess.

The Tick Mother’s Day Special (2000) 1

The Tick Mother’s Day Special (2000) 1

The Tick becomes mother to four clones, Dupli-Tick, Proto-Tick, Quasi-Tick and Primi-Tick. The first part of the story has our hero and friends trying to determine where they came from.

Then, along comes a non-Toho approved Godzilla wannabe and one of the flock leave the nest. The remainder self-destruct or something.

Let’s just focus on Mother’s Day itself.

The day was created by Anna Jarvis and first celebrated in 1908. The day commemorated Jarvis’ mother and was held at the St. Andrew Methodist Church in Grafton, WV. The site is now the International Mother’s Day Shrine.

The holiday was not officially observed until 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation designating Mother’s Day be observed as a national holiday the second Sunday of May.

Within a few years, the day became commercialized with the selling of cards and candies. Jarvis turned against her own holiday to show her scorn at businesses making a dollar from her commemoration.

Mother’s Day has grown globally in no small part due to the commercialization.

In America, Mother’s Day remains one of the biggest days for sales of flowers and greeting cards. It is also the third highest day of church attendance, ranking behind Christmas Eve and Easter.

The day is also commemorated with carnations.

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A Year of Marvels May 01

Okay, not sure about a lot of the details on this other than from the standard release published ad nauseum on Web sites.

In 2016 it looks as if Marvel released a series of monthly one-shots under its Marvel Digital Comics imprint. Since then it has been released in hardcopy as a trade paperback.

Based on release info, artists celebrated a holiday each month throughout the year. In May, readers received a – pun intended – monstrous Mother’s Day tale.

A Year of Marvels May 01

A Year of Marvels May 01

X-23 cum Wolverine teams with She-Hulk tackling sister Wendigoes sired by Mother Monster. Her real name.

Mother Monster experimented with cannibalism to craft her (wo)man made monsters. Success was elusive until she was able to feed her “daughters” authentic Wendigo meat. The combination of human and Wendigo flesh created a hybrid pair.

With She-Hulk and X-23/Wolverine captured, Mother Monster tried to transfer their powers to the man-made Wendigoes. X-23/Wolverine is able to nullify Monster Mother’s machination and earn the respect of She-Hulk.

Dennis Culver scripted the story with Geoffo and Leonardo Romero fleshing out the visuals. Overall the story is a nice piece harkening back to the original – and first appearance – of Wolverine and the Hulk. If you have to ask what issue that was, you shouldn’t be reading this.

A fun romp for Mother’s Day.