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Animaniacs (1995) 1

The second day in October is celebrated as the day Columbus discovered the Americas.

The first Columbus Day took place Oct. 12, 1792, to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the event. It was inaugurated by the Columbian Order of New York, better known as Tammany Hall.

One hundred years later, the 400th anniversary was declared a one-time event by President Benjamin Harrison. It was also a diplomatic bid to lessen the impact of the racially motivated murders of 11 Italian immigrants.

Colorado was the first to honor the day state wide with a proclamation in 1905. Not until 1934 and President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a proclamation issued from the oval office stating October 12 was Columbus Day, government officials must display the flag of the United States on all government buildings and inviting citizens to observe the day as Columbus Day.

President Lyndon B. Johnson was the president who signed legislation anointing October 12 officially as Columbus Day and a federal holiday in 1968 though the it was not enacted until 1971.

Animaniacs (1995) 1

Since 1971, Columbus Day has been observed on the second Monday in October, not October 12.

To celebrate, the WB’s Animaniacs take us on a sea cruise in 1942 The True Story.

Enroute to Asia, Christopher Columbus stumbles across the Warner Bros. – and sister, Dot – who hijack the adventure and show the seafaring seeker a better way to get where he’s going. Even if he wasn’t headed there.

Pinky and the Brain headline the first issue in Global Disorder.

The siblings commandeer the book with the second story, an untitled tale showcasing work behind the scenes on the WB lot.

The Animaniacs comic book ran a total of 59 issues. A Christmas special appeared the December prior to the ongoing books release.

Animaniacs the animated series was the brainchild of Tom Ruegger for the Fox Kids block. It would relocate to the WB in 1995 becoming part of the Kids’ WB offerings. The series was also a direct heir to Tiny Toons, part of Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment.

The show was second only to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on Fox and would pull in over one million viewers a day when it became part of the WB line up.

So, take the day to discover some recent classics by reliving either the television show or snuggling down with some back issues.

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Comic Cavalcade (1942) 9

A great Christmas cover with no holiday spirit inside. With the exception of “The Story of Christopher Columbus.”

Columbus Day celebrates its namesake’s arrival in the Americas. Observance of the holiday varies from area to area. It shares itself with Yorktown Victory Day in Virginia and Puerto Rico Friendship Day on the Virgin Islands.

Comic Cavalcade (1942) 9

Comic Cavalcade (1942) 9

Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Flash are the mystery men and woman of the book with Hop Harrigan keeping the skies safe from Nazi menaces.

Mermaids are the villains in Wonder Woman’s story “The Subsea Pirates.”

Doiby Dickles becomes the damsel in distress for Green Lantern in “A Tale of a City.”

The Flash is featured in “The Tale of the Winged Horse.” An invitation is extended to join the liar’s circle.

Without a doubt, the oddest story is “Filipinos are People.” The “yarn” is “devoted to furthering understanding among the peoples of the world.”

Also included are some one and dones from Mutt and Jeff.