Posted Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 by Jeff

Cover Galleries

Holiday & Christmas Specials

Our first cover gallery features the many Holiday & Christmas specials released over the years.  Most are annual anthology titles featuring multiple stories and plenty of characters – a mix of fun and whimsy, seriousness and warmth, naughty and nice – but sometimes we bend the rules and include standard issues clearly labeled something “Special” by way of the cover.  Tear open those shutters, folks – there’s lots to appreciate here.

Holiday Themed Standard Issues

Whether published during a short mini or a long-running ongoing series, it’s always fun to discover a holiday yarn spun in the pages of a regular ‘ol comic book issue.  And while you may notice some of these covers are lacking in holiday spirit, don’t fret – we’ve confirmed they’re far more festive on the inside.  We’d never make our list without checking it twice, after all.

Holiday Themed Covers Only

The third gallery in our Merry Trinity, here we collect comics featuring a holiday-themed cover but sadly include no holiday-themed tale.  Yes, Virginia, this does happen.  And yes, the betrayal and disappointment is real.  But despite these comics feeling a bit undigested and underdone, we still present this gallery for your viewing pleasure.  Just be prepared for a humbug of a story.