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Posted Saturday, August 26th, 2023 by Barry

Rex the Wonder Dog (1952) 1

Anyone who has been with us the past few years should remember what non-holiday we celebrate today. If not, our guest host should give it away.

Today is National Dog Appreciation Day. To date, we’ve had Krypto, Ace and Lockjaw emcee. This year, we’ve asked Rex the Wonder Dog to do the honors.

For those not familiar with Rex, he was birthed in 1952 by DC war scribe and Wonder Woman chronicler Robert Kanigher. Artist Alex Toth gave him shape.

Sometimes mistaken as a Krypto clone, Rex came first. Superman’s super pooch didn’t appear until 1955 in Action Comics 210.

Rex does borrow from a canine of the same name and moniker who appeared in several silent films of the 1920s.

That is where the similarities end.

Rex the Wonder Dog (1952) 1

Rex is a white German Shepherd with augmented abilities allowing him to communicate with humans and all animals. He has nigh super strength, stamina and intelligence. Courtesy of a drink from the Fountain of Youth, Rex experiences health and a longevity associated to the fabled fountain.

Rex first appeared in the DCU in his own titular series running 46 issues. His pedigree grew from Toth for the first two issues to John Broome for issue three and Gil Kane till the series ended in 1959.

Rex was not heard from again until Steve Englehart re-introduced him in Justice League of America (1960) issue 144. Next, he would appear in DC Comics Presents 35. From there, Rex found himself nestling at the feet of many of the DCU mainstays.

He appeared in Flash (1987) issues 46 and 47, Green Lantern (1990) issues 30 and 31 Guy Gardner: Warrior. Rex would be a supporting character in Superboy and the Ravers (1996).

Following another extended lay off, Rex would appear in the Day of Vengeance: Infinite Crisis Special 1 then in Shadowpact.

As always, National Dog Appreciation Day is the brainchild of Colleen Paige. Celebrate by cuddling your canine, help at a local shelter and/or adopt one of your own.

Posted Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023 by Barry

Teen Titans Go! Meet the Tooth Fairy

As early as 1200 the tradition of a tooth fee has been around.

With a heritage as lengthy as that, it’s only appropriate there be a National Tooth Fairy Day.

By today’s standards, children average four dollars a tooth. Only three percent of children find a dollar or less under their pillows and eight percent or more find a five-dollar bill.

Not a bad return on something they’re purging anyway.

Here the Teen Titans battle the Tooth Fairy while looking for their lost teeth.