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Posted Friday, June 12th, 2020 by Barry

Mickey and Donald Christmas Parade (2019) 5

Christmas 2019 would not be complete without IDW’s Disney holiday offering from afar.

The fifth installment brought something new with Topolino – or Mikey Mouse – 3239, originally printed in 2017. The opening tale, ‘Mickey Mouse and the Lost Toy,’ is a which-way story. Our titular hero loses his gift for Minnie. Mickey’s fate is determined by the choices made by readers. Most don’t end well.

Mickey and Donald Christmas Parade (2019) 5

Mickey and Donald Christmas Parade (2019) 5

This is followed by a one-page funny called ‘Christmas in Mouseton.’ Mickey falls victim to an expanding waistline. This from Topolino issue 3083, circa 2014.

‘Christmas in the Money Bin’ is another one-page excursion, this time with Uncle Scrooge. Technology helps Duckburg’s most prominent citizen with his electric bill, but does little to enlighten the town. This is reprinted from issue 3083, too.

Skipping forward to 2016 and issue 3187, readers are welcomed by ‘Uncle Scrooge and the Christmas Contest.’

Scrooge sets his sites on the season’s hottest toy in hopes of closing a business deal. His holiday lesson is individuality is a valuable trait.

‘Christmas at the Farm,’ with Donald and Mickey, is another one-page affair. Mickey’s memory is longer than Donald’s in this retelling from Topolino 3083.

Peg Leg Pete gets top billing in ‘Christmas Spirit.’ One kind act can offer far reaching benefits, especially during the holidays. This from Topolino 3187, 2016.

The book finishes with two one-page funnies.

‘Christmas in Duckburg,’ with Donald and nephews, jumps the calendar by several months.

‘Christmas at Grandma Duck’s’ is another Donald vehicle featuring Uncle Scrooge.

The first of the last two was originally published in Topolino 3239, 2017 and Topolino 3135, 2015.

Posted Tuesday, June 9th, 2020 by Barry

National Donald Duck Day

Give the duck his due – and his day – National Donald Duck Day has dawned.

Donald made his debut in the animated ‘The Wise Little Hen’ in 1934. It wasn’t until 1937 the ill-tempered fowl first appeared in four color. This was in an Italian comic book. Donald did not make it to the English-speaking world until a year later with England’s Fleetway publication.

Four Color Comics 9

Four Color Comics 9

Not until 1942 did Western Publishing take over chronicling chores. One of the first stories was ‘Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold’ by Bob Karp. Other illustrators would follow including Jack Hannah and the man who became most associated with Donald and the duck, Carl Barks.

From Barks flowed most of the duck lore used today.

Donald has flourished over the years, appearing on television, in movies and every other media available. He continues to appear in four color as well as co-starring on the new incarnation of Duck Tales airing on Disney.

National Donald Duck Day is an annual event celebrated June 9 to commemorate his screen debut. Since then, Donald has been in more films than any other Disney character.

His national day began in 1984 in honor of Donald’s 50th birthday.

Posted Friday, November 1st, 2019 by Barry

Four Color Comics (1942) 178

It being November 1st, let’s start with a first. Also known as Donald Duck issue seven, Four Color Comics 178 has the distinction of hosting the first appearance of Uncle Scrooge McDuck.

Donald Duck and the nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louis; are dreading Christmas. None have the finances for food or festivities. Donald’s wealthy Uncle Scrooge could change that – if he wasn’t such as skinflint.

As fate – and writer/creator Carl Barks – would have it, Scrooge is whiling his time away thinking up a way to trick his nephew. He decides on inviting Donald and the boys to his cabin on Bear Mountain, hence the story title “Christmas on Bear Mountain.”

Four Color Comics (1942) 178

Four Color Comics (1942) 178

Scrooge wishes to humiliate his nephew. To do so he buys a bear suit which Scrooge plans to don at the appropriate moment and scare Donald.

In the meantime, Donald and the nephews take the bait and arrive at the cabin. The only thing they lack for a true holiday is a Christmas tree. Pines are scarce so they chop down a hollow oak and drag it back.

Unbeknownst to them a bear cub is hibernating in the tree. The warmth of the cabin wakes the cub and he begins foraging for food. The mother, still in the stump, awakes and follows the web prints to the cabin.

Scrooge arrives to find an idyllic scene where Donald has fainted on the mama bear who is snoozing by the warm fire. The nephews are content to play with the cub and all is well.

Scrooge has the group formerly celebrate Christmas at his mansion where Donald is rewarded for his seeming bravery.

Barks packs a lot into 36 pages for the December 1947 comic book.

Posted Thursday, October 17th, 2019 by Barry

Donald Duck’s Halloween Scream! (2017) 2

William Van Horn was the trifecta of talent on this reprinted Donald Duck Adventures (1991) issue 16. Mr. Van Horn wrote, illustrated and lettered the tale.

The story, “Kid Stuff,” harkens back to the black and white spoofs like Abbott and Costello or Martin and Lewis.

Donald Duck’s Halloween Scream! (2017) 2

Donald Duck’s Halloween Scream! (2017) 2

Donald decides to become a house painter. The nephews are disappointed when their uncle dismisses their desire to help. Their revenge is to “haunt” the house Donald is hired to paint.

Their ploy is discovered and Donald turns the tables on Huey, Dewey and Louie. Their fun is further spoiled when the boys learn the house really is haunted.

Story teller Van Horn turned his talents to Disney comics in 1988 specializing in the Ducks. The artist has the distinction of illustrating Carl Bark’s final Uncle Scrooge story, “Horsing around with History.” It appeared in Uncle Scrooge Adventures issue 33.

Son, Noel Van Horn is a Disney artist as well focusing on Mickey Mouse tales.

Posted Thursday, October 10th, 2019 by Barry

Donald Duck’s Halloween Scream! (2015) 1

Donald Duck’s Halloween Scream! (2015) 1

Donald Duck’s Halloween Scream! (2015) 1

IDW dusted off two Donald and nephews stories for its 2015 Halloween ComicFest offering.

The first, “It’s in the Bag!” is a retread from Donald Duck Adventures (1990) 7 and the second, “Public Ugly #1” from the same title an issue later.

In the first story Donald goads his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie into betting who can collect the most candy. Donald doesn’t realize the age prejudice he won’t be able to overcome.

A fortunate turn of events has Donald the hero and the recipient of 13 tons of candy – on his front lawn.

By the second story Donald and the boys have had their fill of chocolate goodness. So has the town. Donald is slapped with a town order to dispose of the sweetness or face a fine.

Gyro Gearloose comes to the rescue with a new invention allowing Donald to transport the candy to an abandoned mine. Or, that’s the plan. Instead, the scheme goes afoul and Donald is on the lam to Bolivia.

Posted Sunday, April 21st, 2019 by Barry

Walt Disney’s Donald Duck and Friends (2003) 338

Walt Disney’s Donald Duck and Friends (2003) 338

Walt Disney’s Donald Duck and Friends (2003) 338

Wash the chocolate bunny from your hands and sit down for a timeless treat courtesy of Carl Barks and Gemstone.

“The Easter Election” was originally published in Walt Disney Comics and Stories issue 151, April 1953. During the 10-page tale Donald is plagued by his cousin Gladstone Gander. Both dabble in dirty-pool politics as they vie for the mantle of Easter Parade marshal. True to form, Gladstone’s luck prevails and Donald is left holding the basket.

Barks is the creator of the Duck family tree. In addition to Gladstone, birthed in 1948, Barks fathered Scrooge McDuck (1947), Gyro Gearloose (1952), Flintheart Glimgold (1956), Magica De Spell (1961) and most of Duckburg’s residents.

Also appearing in this issue in unrelated Easter-themed stories are Mickey Mouse and Goofy in “Guru Goofy.”

Donald takes a bow in the third and final story “Master of Mice.”

Posted Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 by Barry

Mickey and Donald Christmas Parade (2018) 4

IDW included a homespun tale for the 2018 Christmas offering while importing the rest of the book.

Mickey and Donald Christmas Parade (2018) 4

Mickey and Donald Christmas Parade (2018) 4

“The Coat of Christmas Magic” came from the 2011 Italian Topolino issue 2926. Mickey takes center stage in a coat that knows the wearers heart.

Gyro Gearloose’s latest invention proves too much for him and his home. The story is pulled from Italian Topolino 2405, 2002.

The Dutch provided “Donald’s Cold War.” From the pages of Donald Duck Weekblad 51, 1980, Donald terrorizes his nephews in a snowball fight until the tables are turned.

“Very Merry Christmas” is a retread from Brazilian Natal Disney de Ouro issue seven from 1985, starring the Beagle Boys who steal a page from Alice in Wonderland.

Breer Wolf stars in the lone American offering “Fir Tree Fermata.”

Issue four goes back across the big pond for the final two stories, “Pearl Jams and Secondary Clauses,” from the Dutch Donald Duck Weekblad issue 51, from the year 2000; and “Quick Solution,” a Finnish offering from Aku Ankka 52 originally published in 1992.

Posted Thursday, March 7th, 2019 by Barry

Mickey and Donald Christmas Parade (2017) 3

IDW continued to outsource for material in the third of, to date, four Christmas specials featuring Disney adventures from abroad.

Mickey and Donald Christmas Parade (2017) 3

Mickey and Donald Christmas Parade (2017) 3

The first, “The Secret Santa Spell,” is from Italian Topolino 2405, 2002. Magica De Spell calls upon a little-known spell to seize Scrooge McDuck’s first dime. The scheme is scuttled through the interference of a small child. The end is sweet.

Minnie Mouse is kidnapped and her talent to unscramble jumbled words used as the Beagle Boys attempt another nefarious scheme. This from Italian Almanacco Topolino 159, on newsstands in 1970.

“Warm Friendship” is a one-page feature. Donald has a change of heart when he finds heat is more important than a lesson.

Gladstone Duck makes a cameo in “Tree Ring Bind,” a 1995 Dutch-told tale from Donald Duck Weekblad 51. The fortuitous fowl is able to make time with Daisy when Donald strikes out on finding a fir.

“Bin and Gone” is a 2014 find from Italian Topolino 3083. Uncle Scrooge’s legacy looms long over Duckburg despite his good intentions.

Posted Monday, March 4th, 2019 by Barry

Mickey and Donald Christmas Parade (2016) 2

IDW looked abroad to find the bulk of the material found in the second installment of Christmas collected comics.

“’Tis No Season” makes up the bulk of the book. Originally published in 2013, the Swedish sampling was pulled from Kalle Ankas Pocket issue 422.

Mickey, Donald, Uncle Scrooge and the nephews tackle time travel to save Christmas. The non-linear tale has readers skipping from present to past to somewhat near future in the span of one story.

“Economy Class” is a one-page Uncle Scrooge gag from Italian Topolino 2915 published in 2011.

Brer Wolf attempts a roast pig dinner for Christmas only to have his plans foiled by the three little pigs. The Badfellow Club makes an appearance in this Dutch reprint from Donald Duck issue four originally published in 1974.

“Tree-mendous” is another one-page gag. Donald and nephews are featured out decorating their neighbor from issue 51 of the Dutch Donald Duck comic book circa 1997.

Italy provides the final installment in the book. “Vacation Ingenious” showcases Donald and Gyro Gearloose as they take to the slopes for a much needed vacation. This is pulled from Italian Topolino issue 2617 originally on newsstands in 2007.

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Mickey and Donald Christmas Parade (2015) 1

IDW provided readers with a weekly four-color advent calendar leading to the big day in December 2015.

Offerings included the previously reviewed Transformers and My Little Pony Holiday specials as well as The X-Files and Jem Holiday specials and the first of three Mickey and Donald’s Christmas Parade books.

Cover priced at $5.99 readers received 66 pages of holiday happiness featuring three stories, “The Blight Before Christmas,” “Christmas Clubbing” and “The Sinister Space Santa.” Uncle Scrooge, Donald and nephews further provide Yuletide yucks in one-page vignettes “Meter Your Maker” and “High Tech Herbert.”

Mickey and Donald Christmas Parade (2015) 1