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Posted Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 by Barry

Logan’s Run (1976) 1

Lace up the athletic shoes, stretch the hammies and break out the earbuds, today is the first Wednesday of June meaning it’s National Running Day.

This non-holiday is an offshoot of Global Running Day, created in 2009 by partnered running organizations.

To celebrate, uh, running.

Shouldn’t be too hard considering over one billion running shoes are sold each year worldwide. On the plus side, runners who log between 12 to 19 miles a week have stronger immune systems. However, those who put in 50 miles or more a week are more likely to develop a respiratory illness.


Logan’s Run (1976) 1

Just in case, you may want to enjoy the day with a good read. Last year we recognized Quick Silver. This year we’re tapping a franchise.

Logan’s Run began as a novel in 1967 by authors William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson. A book of its times, the introduction reads, “The seeds of the Little War were planted in a restless summer during the mid-1960s, with sit-ins and student demonstrations as youth tested its strength. By the early 1970s, over 75 percent of the people living on Earth were under twenty-one years of age. The population began to climb – and, with it, the youth percentage. In the 1980s, the figure was 79.7 percent. In the 1990s, 82.4 percent. In the year 2000 – critical mass.”

By the year, according to the book, 2116, maximum age was restricted to 21 years, to the day. On their Lastday, people were required to report to Sleepshop where they would be voluntarily executed. Their “souls” would return for reincarnation and they would be given the same name followed by the number of their current incarnation.

To track their ages, a crystal was imbedded in the palm of their hand. From ages zero to six the palm flower would show yellow. From seven to 13, blue and 14 to 20, red. Prior to their 21st birthday, the palm flower would blink red and black and finally turn black on Lastday.

Lifespans were enforced by Sandmen who would track down any who tried to escape reincarnation by running.

Logan’s Run is about a Sandman ordered to infiltrate the underground railroad assisting runners.

His adventures would lead him into two subsequent books, Logan’s World and Logan’s Search, both published after the 1976 movie adaptation’s release.

Marvel Comics licensed the title publishing seven issues before the series was cancelled. It was to compliment the Logan’s Run television series that fared no better. Logan’s Run the TV show lasted 14 episodes from 1977 to 1978.

Adventure Comics published two six-issue minis adapting Logan’s Run and Logan’s World from 1990 to 1992.

So, run or don’t run, up to you. Just remember, there’s a good read waiting for you when you’re done.