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Posted Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 by Barry

Action Comics (1938) 388

In honor of Super Sunday, Four Color Holidays brings you Action Comics 388 and Supergirl’s victory over fixed football games.

With the big game to prepare for, we’ll keep the synopsis to a minimum: Supergirl stops a gang from threatening the star player into throwing games.

Instead, lets focus on Super Sunday, the most popular single day of sports in America.

Action Comics (1938) 388

Action Comics (1938) 388

The Super Bowl, or AFL-NFL World Championship Game, was first played Jan. 15, 1967. It is now played on the first Sunday of February.

Since most of us won’t be able to afford tickets – let alone the trip to Miami, FL, for Super Bowl LIV, we can do the following:

First, read a copy of Action Comics 388. Forget issue 388 since it’s not really a good read.

Stock up on favorite snack foods and beverages. Order pizza and sandwiches.

Make sure the front door is unlocked to allow friends and family over to share the game with.

Make sure the front door is locked so as not to allow friends and family entrance and enjoy the game alone.

Finally, have a good excuse for work the next morning when you come dragging in late because of excessive celebrating/disparaging of the previous night’s game.

So, whoever you’re rooting for, remember:  it’s only a game.

Posted Sunday, February 3rd, 2019 by Barry

Jets 50th Anniversary 1968 Championship Team

New York Jets 50th Super Bowl Anniversary Special

New York Jets 50th Super Bowl Anniversary Special

Marvel and the New York Jets revisted The Guarantee game in 2018 with this digital four parter commemorating the 50th anniversary of the AFC earning its spot among the NFC homeguard.

While not an official holiday, Super Sunday has become THE sports day in America. The day when millions sit down to a diet of hype and hyperbole served with fried food and drowned in liquid suger and carbs. It is a day of celebration, exasperation and fraternity. The culmination of a season’s worth of cheering and cursing.

All wrapped between mulit-million dollar advertisements watched by as many who watch for the game alone.

At Four Color Holidays we offer a link to the past to connect with the present. If you don’t know the story of the 1968 Jets, here it is. This is why Joe Namath has a gold jacket and a bust in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This is when the NFL became the NFL we know today:  Jets 50th Anniversary 1968 Championship Team comic book.