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Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 212

Enjoying a cool and refreshing beverage is the order of the day as we observe National Hydration Day.

This non-holiday was founded in honor of football Coach Victor Hawkins, the creator of a mouthguard that releases electrolytes that kept his players hydrated during practices and games. SafeTGard Corporation founded National Hydration Day to increase awareness of the importance of proper hydration to athletes. It also honors the coach who has contributed to the wellbeing of his players.

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 212

While the hero of the day was looking out for others, our host is much more self-serving. Morris Bench was a crewman on the U.S.S. Bulldog way back in Amazing Spider-Man 212. His villainous origins began when Spider-Man accidently knocked him overboard and he took a swim in an irradiated section of ocean.

As a result, Bench found himself the watery equivalent of the Sandman; able to transform his body into water and water-shaped weapons. Blaming Spidey for his condition, the newly minted Hydro-Man sought revenge.

Using the heated day and lack of moisture, Spider-Man was able to – literally – dry up his hot-headed opponent. Bench eventually evaporated into the New York skyline.

Like any good villain, Hydro-Man would return. Over time he would seek help and join such groups as the Sinister Syndicate, Frightful Four and Masters of Evil.

Bench participated in a minor role in the Civil War and Spider-Island storylines. Later he was defeated and handed over to the employees of Horizon Labs. He is utilized in a blackmail plot to drown New York City. Spider-Man and Deadpool teamed to defeat him.

Hydro-Man knocked around for a bit in the Marvel U to finally be used by Namor against the surface world.

Bench has seen action on the small screen in Spider-Man: the Animated Series, the Fantastic Four cartoon and back to Spider-Man in The Spectacular Spider-Man episode Shear Strength. His final small-screen appearance was on the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.

He has also been used as a major villain on the big screen in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

So, enjoy the day. Make sure to replenish with fluids and make time for a little Hydro-Man.

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