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The Flash (1987) 1

Hitting the lottery is the dream of millions – or, is that a dream for millions.

Today is a reminder of how much money we have lost, or “invested,” in our local lotteries; this is National Lottery Day.

The lotto has been around since at least the 15th century. Like today, cash prizes were awarded to winning ticket holders. Monies collected would be used to fund the village, feed the poor and strengthen defenses.

The Flash (1987) 1

Later, the European lotteries would award a tax farm on wine transporters. At times, winning ticket holders would also be allowed quality control of the wine.

The United States continued the lottery fever when it formed. Ticket sales paid for cannons during the war for independence as well as paved roads.

In today’s spotlight is Wally West, DC Comics original lottery winner.

Following Uncle Barry Allen’s seeming demise during Crisis for Infinite Earths, West assumed the mantle. Carrying on the tradition of the Flash also meant a new book.

As readers began the new adventures, they learned West had won six and a half million dollars in the lottery. For a time, he had it all; the fame, money and women.

Fate, and writer Mike Baron, would soon rob West of his fortune and return him to the working world. Unlike his predecessor, the new Flash was not afraid to flaunt his Christian name and hawk his superpowered talents to the highest bidder to gain employment.

The series began as a fun read in the wake of DC’s original Crisis. The title, with other books receiving a reboot, brought a breath of fresh air into the comic book world. A much needed one before the bust of the next decade that nearly destroyed the industry.

National Lottery Day was founded by the Massachusetts State Lottery in 2018.

To celebrate, see if a local or state lottery offers a promotion recognizing the day.

Don’t play unless you have the means. If suffering from a gambling problem, please seek help, either through Gambler’s Anonymous or other organizations designed to help with this addiction.

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