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Adventure Comics (1938) 428

DC’s Black Orchid is a combination of four super heroes while orchids in general make up an estimated 25,000 species of flowers.

Today we’re just gonna focus on the comic book kind as we observe National Orchid Day.

Susan Linden-Thorne was the first such hero, appearing as a guest star in Adventure Comics issues 428-30. That earned a recurring back up feature in The Phantom Stranger over 10 issues before being relegated to pop ups throughout the DCU.


Adventure Comics (1938) 428

Linden did receive a three-issue mini penned by Neil Gaiman in 1988. It marked his first work for the company.

Flora Black became the second incarnation under the Vertigo brand. Her ongoing series lasted 22 issues under the guidance of Dick Foreman.

Black died in the final issue of the series, passing the legacy to a child version known simply as Suzy. The heir carried the title throughout the 1990s and early millennium aiding Shadowpact and Birds of Prey.

Under the New 52 imprint, Black Orchid resurfaced in a modernized version of the original costume. Alba Garcia became a member of Justice League Dark.

In the real world, National Orchid Day was created by Mike and Faith Young. They served in an orchid reserve in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico and were so moved by the experience named their daughter Orchid Faith.

Orchid was lost during labor and the Young’s have been seeking ways to honor their departed daughter since. They secured April 16 as a day to remember their loss beginning in 2015.

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