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7-Eleven: Free Slurpee Day

The fireworks may have faded, but we can still celebrate the summer with a free Slurpee at 7-Eleven.

Last year I extolled the virtues of a youth spent sucking down half-frozen Cokes – earning a brain freeze every time – and reading the latest Marvel had to offer. The memory is still as fresh and inviting as when I related it 366 days ago.

1975 Captain America Slurpee Cup (slim style)

1975 Captain America Slurpee Cup (slim style)

In 1973, 7-Eleven was all about DC Comics, but by 1975 Marvel was stealing the show. Both at the convenience store and spin racks.

For 1975, 7-Eleven and Marvel partnered to offer 60-different cups. The series featured the character with name and/or logo on the front with a headshot and bio on the back. The bio was cleverly done in a word balloon.

All cups featured a contemporary image of the character. Spider-Man, the Thing and Hulk each had three-different cups.

Like the 1973 DC series, the drinking vessels have become desirable to both those who bought ‘em to begin with and those just discovering the colorful cups. Collectors should beware, though. There are two different sizes. Both feature the same images and information, but one series is more the size of the DC cups while the others are shorter and wider. This is the same style 7-Eleven would use in the 1977 series.

The Slurpee debuted in 1966. Could be why it’s a favorite of mine: 1966 is my birth year. The company modified the Knedik Icee machine to suit their needs and branded the new drink.

A side effect of the beverage is the dreaded brain freeze. To survive, remember the following: put down drink, sip from a warmer liquid, if warmer liquid is not available press tongue to roof of mouth, cover mouth and nose with hand, breath through nose allowing warmer air to circulate through sinus passages. Finally, return to your Slurpee, drinking at a slower pace.

To celebrate, grab your favorite flavor and down at a responsible speed.

1975 Marvel Slurpee Check List

1975 Marvel Slurpee Check List

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