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Marvel Premiere (1972) 35

Both non-holiday and master of ceremonies are lesser knowns today.

For National 3-Day cold-war era homage 3-D Man rides the big float.

Roy Thomas and Jim Craig reached a couple decades back for inspiration from Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. The legendary duo had originally created Captain 3-D as a novelty character for the 1950s. Three-dimensional films were the rage, so, why not?

Marvel Premiere (1972) 35

Marvel Premiere (1972) 35

Move past the Kennedy assassination, Viet Nam War and Watergate to the 1970s for a revival of the decade when almost everyone liked Ike, but loved Lucy. Thomas and Craig set their sites on a character whose strength, speed and durability were transformed three-fold.

3-D Man was the amalgamation of brothers Chuck and Hal Chandler. Test pilot Chuck found himself a captive of the Skrulls. Strange radiation allowed his image to be imprinted on his brother’s glasses after his return to Earth. For a time, Hal could manifest Chuck allowing the two brothers to form a third entity. Eventually the ability faltered and Chuck was relegated to limbo.

All of this either happened or was intimated in Marvel Premieres 35-37.

3-D Man reappeared for Incredible Hulk issues 251 and 252, Contest of Champions 1 and What If..? 9.

He returned to hibernation until Avengers Forever 4 and Avengers 50-58 and Secret Invasion: Skrulls one shot in 2008.

Every March, on the third day of the third week of the third month, National 3-D Day is celebrated. The holiday was founded last year by The Center for Stereoscopic Photography, Art, Cinema and Education.

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