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Brother Power the Geek (1968) 1

Okay, today is the day to be loud, proud and by yourself. Today is Geek Pride Day.

Many of the attributes associated with geekdom are hallmarks to be admired. Especially during the days of pandemics. What’s wrong with a little alone time? Distaste of sports? Being fashion challenged? The tendency to hold on to your virginity, be overweight or suffer from myopia?


Brother Power the Geek (1968) 1

So, join that short parade that recognizes this international non-holiday.

Representing our socially retarded group is DC’s little used Brother Power the Geek. A clear attempt to capitalize on the late 1960’s self-movement, Geek’s origin rivals the Frankenstein monster’s. Geek is a reanimated amalgam of corpses shocked to life with a stab of lightening.

He originally shambled through two self-titled issues spewing his own brand of philosophy.

The DC upper echelon punted Brother Power from the four-color universe. After two decades in limbo, Neil Gaiman brought him back for a guest shot in Swamp Thing annual five. Rachel Pollack and Mike Allred showed him a mercy with Vertigo Visions – The Geek, a one-and-done.


Other than a brief return in 2010’s Brave and the Bold, Brother Power the Geek has only been hinted at in the DCU.

Geek Pride Day officially began in 1998 when Tim McEachern organized unconnected events called Geek Pride Festival/Day. March 25 was chosen simply because Star Wars premiered the same day in 1977.

America first embraced the day of geekery in 2008 with blogs and the launching of the Geek Pride Day Web site.

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