X-Factor (1986) 27


Gifts is just that, a gift from Louise and Walter Simonson.

X-Factor (1986) 27

X-Factor (1986) 27

X-Factor – and the mutant population of the Marvel U – are at a crossroads. The X-books are poised to dominate the comic book market. Already they are more popular than flagship titles like the Fantastic Four or Spider-Man.

X-Factor 27 is a lull before the deluge of mutant kind on evereything Marvel. Apocalypse and his four horsemen have been beaten. The X-Men are dead – supposedly. It’s Christmas Eve.

The aftermath of the previous battle is assessed. Many homes have been destroyed and people hospitalized. X-Factor and their mutant charges are no strangers to the bigotry shown them, but neither are they heartless enough to ignore the plight of others.

A majority of New Yorkers are grateful enough to show their appreciation for X-Factor’s sacrifices. A tree and presents flood their new home. But the children understand it is the season of giving and wish to return the bounty to others more needful than themselves.

The story not only offers a transition from one story arc to another, but allows readers a chance to focus on Christmas with the characters. Some of the background stories bleed through, but can be ignored to enjoy a holiday tale.

X-Factor itself began in 1986 with the reunited original X-Men: Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey and Ice Man.

Angel, Beast and Ice Men were members of the Defenders when X-Factor launched. The other title was due to be canceled allowing them to return to their original fold.

Their beard against mutant bigotry is to become mutant hunters. The plan is “capture” mutants and teach them how to use their powers. Much like Professor Charles Xavier when he first formed the X-Men.

The title is currently in its fourth incarnation, having launched this year as part of Dawn of X.


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