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World of Archie Comics Double Digest 72

At 150 pages, the digest is a hearty tome.

As with most Archie-holiday themed digests, the first quarter to third serves up the flavor or the season. The remainder is crowded with various reprints from throughout the years.

World of Archie Comics Double Digest issue 72 is no exception. The first few stories deal with a Halloween theme:  “Something is Missing,” has Jughead’s sister vying for the candy crown in a contest of wills and stomachs. Reggie is terrified by Jughead’s idea in “Beasties in the Night.” Reggie is the focus of more mischief in “Mad House.” Mr. Lodge adds to the local legends with an investment in fun.

“Wishy Washy” is pulled from a more recent timeline as Archie finds yearnings come true; as long as the rules are obeyed.

Archie returns in “Study Aid.” Dalton teaches the redhead there is no substitute for hard work.

In “Space Fright” no one can hear you scheme. Archie nominates Mr. Weatherbee as the first teacher in space. The two learn neither has the right stuff.

World of Archie Comics Double Digest 72

World of Archie Comics Double Digest 72

Archie dresses the part as a study partner for Moose in “Study Partner.”

The middle part of the book returns to prehistoric times for four stories. Jughead is the original Henry Ford in “Leave the Driving to Us.” Archie and Jughead are culinary cavemen in “Flame Out.” The boys learn writing can be a painful experience in “The Write Stuff.”

And, Jughead finds greed to be a cool sensation in “Fare and Cooler.”

Several one-page gags offer a breather before jumping back to “Miss Grundy’s Retirement.” The aging instructor decides she has had enough. Students and staff work to keep her in school.

“Tapir Caper” is Jughead and Archie earning the ire of Mr. Lodge.

Archie finds his pins are weak when he discovers a new girl in “Bowled Over.”

Exercise is the way to remembering in “Down Memory Lane.”

Nostalgia has the boys eager to house clean in “Komic Kooks.”

“Lucky Loser” shows misfortune is in the eye of the beholder.

Up next is “Mystery Date.” Everyone wins in the end.

Generational issues are over come in “Gap Flap” when Archie and his dad agree to disagree.

“Hit the Deck” is Mr. Weatherbee’s Pirates of the Caribbean.

Archie and Betty teach his dad a lesson in sexism in “Cooking Up a Story.”

The second “Write Stuff” proves Jughead’s composition is as edible as it is readable.

“Soup Gets the Bird” exposes Super Duck’s ignorance.

Archie goes to the ends of the Earth to accede an order in “Obedience Training.”

Finally, “Halloween Scene” closes the book. Archie is the great pumpkin treat while Reggie is falling apart.

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