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Whiz Comics (1940) 2

February 11 is the day we commemorate the people who have made our lives easier, more interesting or just plain cool. February 11 is National Inventors’ Day. A day to remember those who allowed us to fly, to communicate with anyone anywhere on Earth and beyond, to allow Jeff and I into your homes without worrying about cleaning the bathroom or put out finger foods before our visit.

Whiz Comics (1940) 2

Whiz Comics (1940) 2

The inventors we want to remember are not as keen on advancing mankind. They prefer their own personal advancement. Normally associated with world domination.

Today Doctor Thaddeus Bodog Sivana is in the spotlight.

For those unfamiliar with the multi-syllabic honoree, he is Captain Marvel/Shazam’s arch villain. Much like Batman’s main nemesis, the Joker, Doctor Sivana shared his debut in the shade of Captain Marvel’s in Whiz Comics 2.

He would continue to co-star as Fawcett’s most notorious bad guy, appearing in half of Marvel’s adventures. That included the first four of the Captain’s stories.

Sivana wasn’t born bad. He became embittered when big business blocked his every attempt to help humanity.

The doctor followed Marvel from Fawcett to National Comics in 1972.

He continued to be a force in the DCU surviving Crisis on Infinite Earths and Final Crisis. In the New 52 Sivana is different in that he pursues magic to aid in his scientific endeavors. And, after the DC Rebirth, became  a resident of the Rock Falls Penitentiary following continued battles with the Marvels.

Back to reality.

To properly observe National Inventors’ Day, recognize someone who has made your life easier. Research who made the world wide web a reality. There will be many answers. Or, whatever invention you can’t live without. It’s origins stem from somewhere.

Those so inclined may use the day as inspiration to become part of the society celebrated today. Explore and expand. See what game changer you can create.

When you need a break, learn from the hard-earned lessons presented by Doctor Sivana.

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