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Unknown Soldier (1977) 237

Two stories for the “Immortal GI” this issue.

The first, No God in St. Just, is more racially driven. The Unknown Soldier must convince African-American soldiers to kill Nazis.

Christmas Dinner is Janus Mitchell and Tenny Henson’s holiday offering. The title says it all.

Unknown Soldier (1977) 237

Unknown Soldier (1977) 237

The Unknown Soldier takes his name from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, VA. The character was created by Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert, debuting in Our Army at War 168.

It would be another four years before he would receive his own book, Star Spangled War Stories in 1970. Starting with issue 151 and running through issue 204 when the book was retitled The Unknown Solider. The comic would last until October 1982 ending with issue 268.

The Unknown Soldier would return in 1988 with a 12-issue maxi-series as done by Jim Owsley and Phil Gascoine. He reupped in 1997 with Garth Ennis calling the shots and earned a final – as of this writing – appearance as a back up to G.I. Combat in 2012.

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