Tick Big Halloween Special (1999) 1


The Tick gets all alliterative in the 1999 special titled Haunted Halloween Hootenanny.

Tick and Arthur are caught in a haunted house for the night when the bridge goes out. They and half a dozen others all interested in buying the stately, old mansion.

The twist on this spooky, overnight stay is, well, there really isn’t one. It’s straight up, Arthur in the Sylvester the Cat persona trying to warn Tick/Porky Pig about the hauntings a hair’s breadth from overtaking them.

All so the Tick can scope out a new, more stately headquarters with a bit more Bruce Wayne/Batman flourish.

Dr. Skull and Red Eye guest star in the slumber party scare-a-thon.

Tune in throughout the week as we celebrate Halloween Spoon style.

Tick Big Halloween Special (1999) 1


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