The Tick Big Halloween Special 2000


The Orange Teeth of Horror is a welcome return of the Tick to his early days. The humor is as sublime as the story is abstract.

The Tick Big Halloween Special 2000

The Tick Big Halloween Special 2000

Extension Agent of the U.S.D.A. (Undercover Search for Detached Anthropomorphs) comes to aid the maladroit duo as Halloween hatches horrors aplenty.

A government experiment has wronged the gourds that now seek revenge and pumpkins are becoming angry animated Jack O’ Lanterns. Their mission is nothing less than the destruction of mankind.

The trio of heroes are enough to stop the massacre and the trick has been treated.

Halloween is the Christianized version of a pagan ritual. Though hoping to contain All Hallow’s Eve, commercialism has taken the last day of October and made it one for free candy and devilish delights.

It has become the second, only to Christmas, most expensive holiday of the year. It is estimated 175 million Americans celebrated Halloween in 2018. On average, they each spent $86.79 for a total of $9 billion dollars.

About 90-percent of America buy candy. That’s estimated to cost $2.6 billion. Almost 75 percent buy Halloween decorations for an estimated $2.7 billion.

The most expensive part of the holiday are the costumes. Those totaled around $3.2 billion. The top five-adult costumes are a witch, vampire, pirate and Avenger character for 2018.

Children fantasized about being a princess, superhero, Star Wars character or witch.

Retailers use Halloween sales figures to calculate spending during the coming holiday season.

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