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The Punisher Summer Special (1991) 1

As the summer blooms, the tans deepen and the grass grows, take a break and enjoy someone else sweltering in the heat.

The Punisher stars in this 48-page attack on peace. Pat Mills and Tony Skinner pen ‘Bombs “R” Us’ while Val Mayerik turns his talents to fleshing out the visuals.

An old acquaintance becomes the Punisher’s agenda. Lots of weaponry jargon as buyers look for the latest in killing modes.

‘Cross Purposes’ is a smart Peter David thriller with more Hitchcock tension than bloodshed. Mark Texeira and Michael Bair take care of the art chores.

Dan Slott does a credible job on a near dialog-free tale in ‘Independence Day.’ Art by Mike Harris who helps the good guys win this time.

Terrorists take on the thinly veiled, happiest place on Earth in Will Murray’s dark ‘Wish Granted.’ Much like a lighter-hearted The Mouse Who Roared, the tale looks at America from outside the box.

Art by Rodney Ramos.

Enjoy the equinoxes and solstices as the days run the longest, the nights the shortest and the temperatures the hottest.

The Punisher Summer Special (1991) 1


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