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Posted Sunday, May 19th, 2019 by Barry

The Tick New Series (2009) 7

Star of Blunder, Star of Might! closed out 2010 in true Tick holiday fashion.

The Tick has lost his Christmas spirit. Even eight days of Hanukkah isn’t enough to dampen the depression. Not until a beacon shines the way. The Tick and Arthur undertake a pilgrimage – along with the Man-Eating Cow – to seek out the meaning of the season.

For the Tick that’s a bit skewed. As is the story.

The Tick New Series (2009) 7

The Tick New Series (2009) 7

Benitio Cereno III takes as many jabs at the holiday season as he does the comic book field. The Tick was originally created by Ben Edlund. Like other indy comic books of the time, The Tick was – and is – a parody of the super hero genre. In his original run the Tick even worked at a newspaper office with a Clark Kent clone. Fellow heroes included Die Fledermaus, a shameless Batman knock off; American Maid, similar to Wonder Woman in many ways and Fish Boy, an obvious take on Aquaman.

The Tick’s rogue’s gallery could be compared to Dick Tracy’s with villains like Chairface Chippendale, The Forehead and The Terror.

He received his own comic book series in 1988. The initial run ran a mere 12 issues. Since then he has been in several incarnations.

By 1994 the Tick’s popularity was enough Fox picked up the character for an animated series. It ran three seasons, 1994-96, on the Fox network’s Fox kids block. Since then the series has been syndicated to other networks as well as released on VHS and DVD.

A live-action series aired in both 2001 and 2016.

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The Tick New Series 1

For anyone not familiar with the Tick…stop it! Get right and get some knowledge.

Head to your local comic book shop, eBay, Amazon, whatever. Buy an issue, trade or omnibus. Discover a guilty pleasure.

The Tick New Series 1

The Tick New Series 1

From his humble beginnings as the New England Comics mascot to toy lines and syndication, the Tick has never disappointed. Creator Ben Edlund has crafted a character who lampoons the super hero industry. The Tick wallows in absurdity, but never white washes the truth.

During his career, The Tick has survived several series. The 2009 incarnation is birthed with a seasonal story sending the secret Santa practice into the stratosphere.

The Tick and fellow heroes meet at The Comet to celebrate Christmas. Their gift exchange is mingled with stories of past exploits. The sidekicks are given cameos as they, too, reminisce. Villains are sprinkled for variety.

A face from the franchise’s past returns and actually proves valuable in his efforts to remain a hero.

The Tick has had several holiday specials throughout the years. This is part of an ongoing series, but still feels special in its own right.

Posted Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 by Barry

The Tick Big Yule Log Special (1997)

The Tick Big Yule Log Special (1997)

The Tick Big Yule Log Special (1997)

Arthur is suffering from an identity crisis at Christmas time. The Tick tries to turn the tide on his little buddy’s yule time troubles as only he can, but it’s a case of mistaken identity that cures the Moth’s moroseness.

This book has it all as the Tick adopts a Santa persona and accidently foils a rouge elf’s schemes to marshal the children on the naughty list against the Jolly Big Guy.

Angels, explosions and misunderstandings make for a rousing Christmas tale that could only happen to the Tick.

Flip the book over and Arthur teaches the Tick about Hanukkah.

The Tick Big Yule Log Special (1997)Remember, this is when the Tick was becoming a semi-household name with his own Saturday morning animated half hour, Ban Dai licensed likenesses and happy meal toys from Carl’s Jr. and Taco Bell. The Tick even had his own video game.

Interest waned toward the end of the 1990s hastened by the Columbia TriStar Television series that even Patrick Warburton couldn’t save.

However, shining like the fabled star The Tick survived in his original medium and continued to offer holiday specials collected in The Tick’s Giant Christmas Cavalcade released in 2010.

Posted Friday, October 27th, 2017 by Barry

The Tick’s Big Yule Log Special (1999) 1

There are worse ways to tackle the new millennium than with the Tick.

Always entertaining – sometimes confusing – Tick and Author are especially welcome in every household at Christmas time. Short of the celluloid classic Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, where else ya gonna find a misplaced alien bent on world domination during the happiest time of the year?