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Posted Sunday, December 2nd, 2018 by Jeff

‘Tis The Season…

Wonder Woman holds her own with DC’s 2006 holiday card.  Artist unknown (let us know).

2006 DC holiday card

Posted Friday, March 2nd, 2018 by Barry

Batman the Outsider

For many Christmas is not the happiest time of the year as the incomparable Alex Ross depicts in what could be one of the saddest illustrations of Batman I’ve ever seen.
The only thing that could make this scene sorrier is if Ross had used the Detroit-era Justice League.

Looking In

Looking In

Posted Friday, January 12th, 2018 by Barry

Brave and the Bold (1955) 148

Brave and the Bold (1955) 148

Brave and the Bold (1955) 148

Batman and Plastic Man team to save Gotham’s Christmas traditions.

Gotham City is in the throes of a “buttlegging” operation during the holidays with illegal cigarettes flooding the streets. But when fir trees begin disappearing from street corners, stores, nurseries and, finally, the beloved Lacy’s Department Store display at Gotham Plaza the mayor has had enough.

Down-on-his-luck Plastic Man lends a hand in tracking the thieves to the warmer climes of Conch Key, Fla., where Big Jake Doyle is throwing a holiday shindig to eliminate his “buttlegging” competition. For some reason the gangster likes the idea of stealing all the pines from Gotham City to use as his decorations.

Of course the Dark Knight and slippery shamus foil the plan and return the treasured tree to Gotham Plaza by Christmas Eve.

Gotta admit it’s funny to see Batman tooling around town in his Super Friend’s-inspired convertible with the snow flying.