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Hallmark Holiday ornaments

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Marvel Treasury Special (1974)

DC beat Marvel to the holiday punch with the first of the Christmas specials beginning in 1974.

The Marvel Treasury Special was released Nov. 26 of that year on the heels of DC’s Limited Collector’s Edition (C-34) that hit newsstands Nov. 7.

Whereas DC had decades of material to draw from, Marvel had a little over 10-years worth of stories to plumb.

Naturally “Have Yourself a Sandman Little Christmas!” led the list.

It was a reprint from Marvel Team-Up issue one starring Spider-Man and the Human Torch battling Sandman. A sappy story that brought out the season in both heroes who allowed Sandman to visit his mother on Christmas Eve.  The good deed does not go unpunished leading both heroes to a continuation of the story in issue two.

The remainder of the book is what the title promised:  a grab-bag.

Marvel Treasury Special (1974)

Marvel Treasury Special (1974)

In “Mortal Combat with…Sub-Mariner” is reprinted from Daredevil issue seven. Namor makes land fall to seek out Matt Murdock to serve as his lawyer. The sea prince wishes to sue the surface world for its exploitation of the other three quarters of the Earth.  Murdock’s alter ego is called upon when he refuses to take the case.

Black Widow stars in the next story taken from Amazing Adventures (1970) issue five. An unremarkable story. Maybe the most noteworthy of the book is Neal Adam’s assumption of penciling chores on the Inhuman’s story.

Fantastic Four issues 25 and 26, a two-part tale, finish out the book. The Thing and Hulk go toe-to-toe in issue 25 with the Avengers guest starring in the second part.

Far from the holiday specials to come in the 1990s, but at least setting a precedence for the company.

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Happy Holidays

Marvel’s holiday card, circa 2010.

Marvel 2010 card

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Thank You, Veterans

Thank You, Veterans

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Iron Eyesore

You didn’t think we’d celebrate the holiday season without at least one Christmas sweater, did you?  Iron Man artwork by Marco D’Alfonso.

Iron Man Christmas Sweater

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The Marvel Super Heroes’ Christmas (1984)

Marvel was on the marketing move in 1984. In addition to its Secret Wars line the company licensed the rights to color its creations with a couple activity books including this one. The only thing rarer than seeing the Rhino peeking through the holly is finding an edition untouched.

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Marie Christmas

Marie Severin didn’t date this pin-up, but I’d put it somewhere between 1970 and 1972 based on the characters in evidence. This may be the only time Conan experienced Christmas.

Marie Christmas

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Iron Man (1968) 254

This Christmas comic comes with some baggage. Not too much, but readers may find themselves scratching their heads as Tony Stark/Iron Man conducts business this issue.

Good news is Taskmaster is the villain of the month, though he keeps a hands off approach to business.

The long and short, Iron Man 254 sports a nice cover, but a mediocre story and hackneyed ending.

Iron Man (1968) 254

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Marvel Holiday Special (1992)

Marvel Holiday Special (1992)

Marvel Holiday Special (1992)

As I said, the 1990s were bleak for comic books in general. One shining beacon were the early Marvel Holiday Specials.

Stan “the Man” Lee himself returned to pen the Spider-Man story, the first time since issue 200 outside of the newspaper strip. Barring Lee’s story, the star is Doc Samson’s revisionist origin of Chanukah. Even his ridiculous pony tail and post-Village People jump suit couldn’t spoil the fun.

Thanos’ touching tale of parenthood comes off as anything but contrived as do all the stories, featuring Wolverine, Punisher, New Mutants, Ironman and Daredevil.