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Posted Sunday, December 16th, 2018 by Barry

Walt Disneys’ Christmas Parade (1962)

Indicia dated 1963, this 80-page tome was available for the 1962 holiday season back in a time when Christmas was still identified as such.

Gold Key published Walt Disney’s Christmas Parade from 1963 to 1972. For a quarter readers were immersed in 80-pages, including front and back inside covers, of seasonal stories – for the most part. Factoring inflation, that quarter translates to $2.05 in today’s funds. Whether these are reprints or not is unclear, but they appear to be.

Carl Bark’s Duck family is heavily featured in the book. Of the 11 shorts, six are Donald or Uncle Scrooge-centric. This includes the untitled opening tale. Donald and nephews attempt to provide there miserly uncle with a Christmas gift he’s never had:  the spirit of the season.

Mickey and Goofy pair to stop ne’er do wells as they fleece motorists on their way for vacation.

Walt Disney's Christmas Parade (1963) 1

Walt Disney’s Christmas Parade (1963) 1

Not a Disney mainstay, but part of the stable, Li’l Bad Wolf and dad are the stars of the next story. The wee wolf helps his father and saves Christmas for one of the three little pigs.

Brer Rabbit is a “Hoodwinked Helper” as the wicked witch attempts to steal the joy of a white Christmas from the woodland folk. Next up, Ludwig Von Drake foils a diamond heist in the “Cuckoo Clock-Caper.”

Donald and Daisy are up next with another adventure. Duckburg Square is in need of the annual Christmas Tree. Scrooge has “untold acres” of firs, but is reluctant to part with any for fear of income lost in donated timber.

Chip and Dale “Share and Share Alike” when Donald chops down there new home.

Not a Christmas story, but tossed in for good measure, “Adventure in Gluey Woods” showcases Donald and the nephews.

Not to be short changed, Mickey and his nephews are up next with “The Early Christmas.”

Gyro Gearloose unleashes a sequel to Them when Huey, Duey and Luey try to get out of chores.

Finally, the Duck nephews and nieces combine forces to help Scrooge stop the Beagle Boys from stealing all the Christmas trees in the “Flying Firs.”

Oh, and Ludwig Van Duck makes an appearance in another Uncle Scrooge short.

Posted Monday, December 10th, 2018 by Jeff

Disney Subscriber Premiums

If you love classic Walt Disney comics of yesteryear, the Snow White Archive provides a fascinating look at Dell’s Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories subscription offers and bonuses, including several Christmas-centric advertisements, premiums, and – an example below – gift subscription notices.  Recommended reading!

Disney Gift Subscription

Posted Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 by Barry

Mickey and Donald Christmas Parade (2015) 1

IDW provided readers with a weekly four-color advent calendar leading to the big day in December 2015.

Offerings included the previously reviewed Transformers and My Little Pony Holiday specials as well as The X-Files and Jem Holiday specials and the first of three Mickey and Donald’s Christmas Parade books.

Cover priced at $5.99 readers received 66 pages of holiday happiness featuring three stories, “The Blight Before Christmas,” “Christmas Clubbing” and “The Sinister Space Santa.” Uncle Scrooge, Donald and nephews further provide Yuletide yucks in one-page vignettes “Meter Your Maker” and “High Tech Herbert.”

Mickey and Donald Christmas Parade (2015) 1