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Posted Tuesday, August 27th, 2019 by Barry

Wonder Woman (1942) 216

Wonder Woman’s fifth test in her 12 labors is to stop an invasion of men from setting foot on Paradise Island. Black Canary was the Amazon’s monitor in “Paradise of Peril!”

Wonder Woman (1942) 216

Wonder Woman (1942) 216

Billionaire Diogenes Diamandopoloulos, a thinly veiled doppelganger to Aristotle Onassis, channels his resources into conquering the timeless tale that no male may trod upon the island.

Legends say if man does step foot on Themyscira, the island will be engulfed in a tsunami or Zeus will hurl lightning bolts down from the heavens or that a whirlpool will suck the land mass to the bottom of the sea. In truth, if any man would walk on Paradise Island any Amazon would fall in love with him. The curse was spun by Aphrodite as punishment for Hippolyta deception by man.

Diamandopoloulos’ mercenary army attacks the island, but are repulsed by Wonder Woman and her sisters.
In the end it is revealed Diamandopoloulos has undertaken the gamble to impress Wonder Woman whom he has fallen in love.

Black Canary finishes her report with the recommendation Wonder Woman be reinstated as a Justice League member.

Posted Saturday, December 29th, 2018 by Jeff

Christmas With The Super-Heroes, revisited and recolored

A late Christmas gift scrolled across my Facebook feed today.

If you’re familiar with holiday super hero specials – or are a regular Four Color Holidays reader – you’re likely already aware of 1988’s Christmas With The Super-Heroes #1.  Featuring cover artwork by John Byrne, the issue is known for it’s whimsical display of DC heroes gathered around a Christmas tree.  It’s a favorite among holiday comic fans, myself included.

But how might this cover be presented today, revisited and recolored with modern technology, different sensibilities and an artist’s personal flare?  Scott Dutton recently shared his take, including a breakdown of the process from original artwork to final product.

Be sure to visit Scott’s Catspaw Dynamics at the earliest opportunity, where you’ll find countless more of his comic art recolorations and restorations.

Christmas With The Super-Heroes (1988) 1 (Reconstructed)


Posted Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 by Barry

DC Holiday Special 2017

DC Holiday Special 2017

With 2017 history it’s time to be thankful DC remembered fans with a stocking stuffer holiday special.

The tales make up a worthy Tannenbaum tome as Jeff Limire bookends the seasonal sandwich of stories with Bibbo championing Superman and his deeds throughout the year to a doubting Clark Kent with John Constantine tossing in his two pence worth.

The meat of the book belongs to Sgt. Rock, the Atomic Knights, Flash (both Barry and Wally), Green Arrow and Black Canary, Deathstroke, Swamp Thing and Wonder Woman. Denny O’Neil returns for a haunting Batman yarn that warms no hearts.

“The Silent Night of the Batman” is the encore. Reprinted from Batman 218, “The Silent Night…” was the 1960s decade closer for Caped Crusader. Easily the best story of the book and has oft been reprinted capturing hearts again in the Batman by Neal Adams Omnibus, Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams (Vol. 2), Batman: The Joker’s Revenge trade paperback, Christmas With the Super Heroes (1988), Limited Collector’s Edition C-43 and Showcase Presents Batman trade paperback (Vol. 5).

Not the best for a good year, but a good way to start a new one.