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Posted Thursday, January 31st, 2019 by Barry

Archie’s Christmas Spectacular (2018) 1

The eternal teens of Riverdale celebrate another Christmas with four stories for the 2018 season.

Archie Christmas Spectacular (2018) 1

Archie Christmas Spectacular (2018) 1

Archie and Jughead embark on an entrepreneurial endeavor in the lead tale, “One Person’s Trash.” The boys find money can be made in repurposing garbage pail finds. It comes to naught when an uninvited partner crashes the party.

“All Aboard” is a story about wish fulfillment that ends with the adage, “be careful what you wish for.”

Santa’s daughter returns to Riverdale in “The Last Noelle.” Santa isn’t pleased, but Mrs. Claus understands the solitude of living at the North Pole.

Finally, “Jingles’ Jangled” has the impish elf as an unwelcome house guest when his powers are remanded by a jealous acquaintance. Jughead finds Jingles’ hidden talents tasty and is sorry to see him leave.

Hard to believe there are still stories to be told about Archie and crew after 77 years, but the kids live on.

Posted Monday, December 17th, 2018 by Jeff

Archie’s Favorite Holiday

Archie pushes his Christmas wares in this late ’70s house ad.  To this day, Archie Comics continues to be a prolific publisher of holiday themed stories.

Archie House Ad

Posted Friday, November 23rd, 2018 by Barry

Archie Giant Series Magazine

Archie Giant Series Magazine 228

Archie Giant Series Magazine 228

Following a formula of saccharine story telling, Riverdale’s eternal teens celebrated the 1974 Christmas season in the Archie Giant Series imprint under the subtitled Archie’s Christmas Stocking.

Always entitled Archie’s Giant Series, the first six issues, beginning in 1954, appeared under the Christmas Stocking imprint. During the run, lasting until 1992, the subtitle would shift to reflect the intent of the book.

By issue 228 Archie and the gang had moved into the 1970s. The era was signified – and simplified – in fashion and vernacular only. The stories remained rooted in their innocent origins of the 1940s. Watergate, Vietnam war and any other concerns of the day were absent short of the first story, “Brownie Points.” Even corporate greed is candy coated as Santa’s favorite elf, Jingles, is recruited to bring American pride back to the factory floor.

The rest of the 52-page book is devoted to strife such as Jughead’s tender stomach and Pop’s decision to fly south for the winter.