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Sugar and Spike (1956) 44

Sugar and Spike find parenting isn’t as hard as grown-ups would have them believe in ‘Santa’s Parents.’

Sugar and Spike (1956) 44

Sugar and Spike (1956) 44

In another misunderstanding, the two tykes find themselves fending for themselves. Finding a remote control only brings more confusion to the holiday season as Santa does his job only too well courtesy of Sugar and Spike.

All is forgiven when the unexpected publicity brings mountains of money.

‘Little Arthur’s War’ is the second act. Santa dispenses justice rather than coal for the bratty Arthur.

Arthur gets his revenge – briefly – as he wreaks havoc with the push of a few buttons in act three. His reign of terror is ended and his destruction tallied in dollars and sense.

The final part of the four-act adventure is a lesson for the parents, who are taught they are never too old to learn.

Tucked between stories are some one-page funnies and a chance to make some greeting cards.

Maybe the sum and total of the book is another December survival.

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