Sugar and Spike (1956) 37


Another not-so-haunting issue for Halloween 2020.

Sugar and Spike were created by Sheldon Mayer with the self-titled book running 98 issues, 1956 to 1971. It was a much simpler time when the books began and many wish for a return to such by the book’s finish.

Sugar and Spike (1956) 37

Sugar and Spike (1956) 37

Issue 37 is from 1961, when Camelot was still forming, Viet Nam was as distant in thought as proximity and the space race was far from won.

Halloween Monster has the two tots discovering Halloween. How they were never taken from their parents must be attributed to the times, but the kids are left alone while the parents partied.

Learning they are alone; Sugar and Spike sneak a peek at festivities across the yard. Neither can comprehend the costumed grown-ups devouring all the food in sight.

The two marshal their moxie and march next door to save the horderves. Their plan is discovered and the adults laugh at the two they believe are attempting to steal food.

When Mayer’s eyesight became too bad to continue, the book it was cancelled. Cameos were worked in over the years until Keith Giffen and Bliquis Evely had the pair grow up and become private eyes in Legends of Tomorrow.

Happy Halloween from a simpler time.


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