Spectre (1967) 6

Pilgrims of Peril! is the story’s name, but the Pilgrims of title are not the ones associated with Thanksgiving.

These pilgrims ran from their homeland seeking religious freedom. That’s where the similarities end. Their deity of worship was from the dark depths. A being the native Americans chose to stop lest the newcomers release him.

Spectre (1967) 6

Spectre (1967) 6

The demonologists were forced to wait until 1968 before they could return to attempt Nawor’s resurrection. Both Jim Corrigan and the Spectre must battle the beast to save mankind.

Yeah, 1960’s DC cheese and misleading to anyone just looking at the cover. DC’s policy was to create an interesting cover, then craft the story. Hopefully the tale would be as tantalizing as the cover.

This usually wasn’t the case.

Spectre 6 is a prime example.

Anyone expecting a Thanksgiving story would be disappointed. Anyone spending $.12 would be disappointed.

The Spectre was first introduced in More Fun Comics (1935) 52. Creators included Jerry Siegel and Bernard Billy. Originally, he was embodied by the spirit of dead police officer Jim Corrigan. He would remain as such until Hal Jordan assumed the mantel to atone for his actions as Parallax.

Eventually Jordan is brought back to the DC fold and Crispus Allen became the host. He becomes a pivotal character in the Blackest Night company crossover.

By the New 52, Corrigan is returned as the Spectre, going full circle.


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