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Sgt. Rock (1991) 21

Easy Company relives the horrors of World War II one last time in the final issue of this incarnation of the top kick.

Sgt. Rock (1991) was a continuation of Sgt. Rock Special, transitioning from issue 13 to 14. Sgt. Rock Special began in 1988 following Crisis on Infinite Earths. It also served as a reprint title.

Sgt. Rock 21 collected stories from Our Army at War 228, 236, 257, 262 and 271.

Issue 228’s “It’s a Dirty War” is a Christmas tale sounding more like a statement regarding the Viet Nam War. “It’s a Dirty War” first appeared in the February 1971 issue of OAaW. It was penned by Robert Kanigher and penciled by Joe Kubert.

In the story, Rock delivers a letter from a 17-year old German soldier he killed back to the boy’s family. The dead speak from the grave and death is turned away from Easy Co’s sarge.

A final issue for the final day of the year. Happy New Year.

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