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Sgt. Rock (1977) 350

Before Sgt. Rock was relegated to seasonal stories and minis, he was the Top Kick of Easy Co. from 1959 to 1988.

During his time in service to his country, Frank Rock served from the shores of Italy across the Rhine and into the heart of the Fatherland. All the while shepherded by creator and chief scribe Robert Kanigher.

Sgt. Rock (1977) 350

Sgt. Rock (1977) 350

Having survived the backlash from the Viet Nam conflict, Rock was moved from Our Army at War to his own title in 1977. He would continue through most of the 1980s to issue 422 only to fall victim to Crisis on Infinite Earths.

But, for the winter of 1980, Rock and Easy were on the front lines in ‘Home for Christmas.’

A missing G.I. takes the sergeant from his men during the holiday season. Most of the story is spent with Rock recounting his interaction with the AWOL soldier.

The missing man’s mantra throughout the war was to be “home for Christmas”. With the holiday fast approaching, Rock fears the wayward private has left the war early to be back with his family.

What he finds is a heartwarming sight that turns heart wrenching. However, in true DC war fashion both soldier and Easy are saved by story’s end.

The book is rounded out with a two-page Battle Album focusing on types of gases. Also included are stories ‘The Last Knight,’ ‘Roman Nose’ and ‘The Men of Easy Co.: Right Arm.’

Following his regular-series run, Rock returned for cameos and seasonal one-and-dones. He was also featured in a 21-issue run of reprints and two specials.

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