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Night Nurse (1972) 1

Holidays Calendar defines National Caregivers Day as “a holiday that recognizes and honors all of the hard work and dedication that caregivers offer all year round. It’s a day that’s held on the third Friday of each February and helps to honor the millions of caregivers who work all over the world.”

The face we’re putting on the non-holiday is Linda Carter.

Night Nurse (1972) 1

Night Nurse (1972) 1

Not that Linda Carter.

Linda Carter, formerly Linda Carter Student Nurse, who graduated to Night Nurse.

The medical-drama comic book series lasted four issues. Featured were three female roommates – Carter, Georgia Jenkins and Christine Palmer – working the night shift at Metropolitan General Hospital in New York City.

Though the title failed, writer Brian Michael Bendis resurrected Carter in 2004 in Daredevil 58 as a nurse for super heroes. Former roommate Palmer was also given a makeover in Nightcrawler 1.

In 2015, Carter appeared in a one-shot titled Night Nurse. It reprinted all four issues of the original series as well as Daredevil 80.

She was upgraded to a surgeon in the 2016 Doctor Strange feature film, played by Rachel McAdams.

Coincidently (?) enough, National Caregivers Day began in 2015, the same year as the Night Nurse reprint.

To commemorate the day, take time out to thank these hardworking individuals for their dedication and selflessness. To promote on social media, use #NationalCaregiversDay and spread the word.

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