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Mister Miracle (1971) 1

Granny Goodness is our glamor girl for Gorgeous Grandma Day.

Oh, yes, there is such a thing, and has been since 1984. Alice Solomon created the non-holiday to celebrate “women of certain age.” That age is not specified, but the grandmothers in the spotlight are to be honored for their accomplishments and abilities.

Mister Miracle (1971) 1

Jack Kirby’s Phyllis Diller inspired baddie may not be a prime example of what Solomon wanted, but she’s our centerfold.

The villainess is a master of brainwashing and torture used to mold her charges into ruthless warriors. All in the service of Darkseid’s name.

Her one disappointment is the escape of Scott Free from her orphanage. Free, or Mister Miracle, is the son of the Highfather of New Genesis. He had been used as bargaining chip for peace between New Genesis and Apokolips.

Beyond her superhuman strength and endurance, Granny is immortal. She has been schooled at hand-to-hand combat and is resistant to most physical attacks.

Ed Asner was tapped to voice her animated appearances in Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited and Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.

According to National Day Calendar, “Gorgeous Grandma Day embraces the age of the nana and encourages all women to flaunt their granny attitudes with purpose and style.”

To celebrate, grandmothers are encouraged to show the world their gorgeous selves.

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