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Mickey and Donald Christmas Parade (2017) 3

IDW continued to outsource for material in the third of, to date, four Christmas specials featuring Disney adventures from abroad.

Mickey and Donald Christmas Parade (2017) 3

Mickey and Donald Christmas Parade (2017) 3

The first, “The Secret Santa Spell,” is from Italian Topolino 2405, 2002. Magica De Spell calls upon a little-known spell to seize Scrooge McDuck’s first dime. The scheme is scuttled through the interference of a small child. The end is sweet.

Minnie Mouse is kidnapped and her talent to unscramble jumbled words used as the Beagle Boys attempt another nefarious scheme. This from Italian Almanacco Topolino 159, on newsstands in 1970.

“Warm Friendship” is a one-page feature. Donald has a change of heart when he finds heat is more important than a lesson.

Gladstone Duck makes a cameo in “Tree Ring Bind,” a 1995 Dutch-told tale from Donald Duck Weekblad 51. The fortuitous fowl is able to make time with Daisy when Donald strikes out on finding a fir.

“Bin and Gone” is a 2014 find from Italian Topolino 3083. Uncle Scrooge’s legacy looms long over Duckburg despite his good intentions.

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