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Mickey and Donald Christmas Parade (2016) 2

IDW looked abroad to find the bulk of the material found in the second installment of Christmas collected comics.

“’Tis No Season” makes up the bulk of the book. Originally published in 2013, the Swedish sampling was pulled from Kalle Ankas Pocket issue 422.

Mickey, Donald, Uncle Scrooge and the nephews tackle time travel to save Christmas. The non-linear tale has readers skipping from present to past to somewhat near future in the span of one story.

“Economy Class” is a one-page Uncle Scrooge gag from Italian Topolino 2915 published in 2011.

Brer Wolf attempts a roast pig dinner for Christmas only to have his plans foiled by the three little pigs. The Badfellow Club makes an appearance in this Dutch reprint from Donald Duck issue four originally published in 1974.

“Tree-mendous” is another one-page gag. Donald and nephews are featured out decorating their neighbor from issue 51 of the Dutch Donald Duck comic book circa 1997.

Italy provides the final installment in the book. “Vacation Ingenious” showcases Donald and Gyro Gearloose as they take to the slopes for a much needed vacation. This is pulled from Italian Topolino issue 2617 originally on newsstands in 2007.

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