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Jingle Belle: The Fight Before Christmas

This 2005 one-shot is made up of three acts: the title, “Hot Rod Lemming” and “Oh, Christmas Tree.”

In “The Fight Before Christmas” Jingle heads up the North Pole Elves against long-time Bi-Polar Hockey League rivals Tibetan Snow Leopards. Jingle’s rivalry is with Tashi Ounce, team captain of the Leopards.

Jingle Belle: The Fight Before Christmas

Jingle Belle: The Fight Before Christmas

The two spend more time in the penalty box making small talk than on the ice scoring. That all ends when two-timing boyfriend Brad is found to be making time with a third opponent.

In the second story, Jingle gives Len the Lemming advice only to learn it doesn’t work both ways in “Hot Rod Lemming.”

Finally, creator Paul Dini serves up a none-to-flattering commentary on the second Bush Administration.

Belle is the spoiled teenage daughter of Santa Claus. She was created by Dini in 1999. Since then her appearances have been sporadic at best. Jingle has been corralled in five collected editions:  Jingle Belle: Naughty and Nice, Jingle Belle’s Cool Yule, Jingle Belle: Dash Away All, Jingle Belle and Jingle Belle: The Whole Package.

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