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Howard the Duck 3

Howard the Duck 3

Howard the Duck 3

Caught in a world he never made – and at Christmas time, too.

A morass, self-pitying Howard the Duck finds the true meaning of Christmas while trying to prove to a little girl Santa does indeed exist. All with some help from the jolly one himself and an elf.

That’s the simple run down, but with Howard it’s never black and white as his magazine.

Howard had a brilliant run through his 33 regular issues, one annual, a Marvel Treasury Edition and even a slightly syndicated comic strip earning accolades under the mentor ship of Steve Gerber’s twisted take of late ‘70s America.

The satirical comic book came under new leadership when Gerber was relieved of duties due to creative issues and Bill Mantlo was installed for the nine-issue magazine run.

Mantlo handled the job as best he could even casting Marvel’s mallard against the arctic background for this Christmas tale of civil war in the far north.

Not a standard Night Before Christmas by any means, but a unique look at the tail end of the 1970s, the Carter Administration, gas rationing and alternative fossil fuel resources.

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