Hot Wheels (1970) 6

Neal Adams penciled the sixth and final issue of Hot Wheels as the short-lived, licensed-title celebrated the holidays with an assassination plot against the prince of Kalvania.

Hot Wheels (1970) 6

Hot Wheels (1970) 6

Prince Timothy, first heir to the throne of the postage-stamp country, was on a good-will tour of the United States. The conniving Duke of Ebenezar took the opportunity to rid himself of competition while the king lay on his death bed.

Fortunately, for the prince, he stumbles in the path of the Hot Wheels gang. A life-and-death slalom saves Timothy and the villains are deposed.

All’s well that ends well in the Humbug Run as the king recovers and the prince is sent on his way. The Hot Wheels gang celebrate Christmas and readers are reminded the reason for the season is Peace on Earth.

Adams does not handle penciling chores on the second story, Super Chick.

Also, included is a one-page bio on the Mighty Midget: K3 Magnette.

The book closes with an in-house advertisement previewing the coming changes to the Superman titles.

Mattel began manufacturing the modified hot rods – aka Hot Wheels – in 1968. The brand proved to be a huge success. The initial line up has become known as the Sweet 16.


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