Posted Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 by Barry

Harley Quinn’s Valentine’s Day Special (2015)

“Just Batty Over You” plucked another five bucks outta fanboys pockets in 2015. In the Golden, Silver and Bronze ages those five bucks may have been the only money spent on anything Valentine’s Day-oriented for us, the comic book fans. With the wide reaching influence of silver screen appearances we, the lovers of print and picture, no longer need suffer in solitude.

Harley is one of the reasons for this. With her popularity throughout the various mediums, Harleen Frances Quinzel, PhD, was and, to an extent, is still hot. Hot as in dollars and cents. Men, women, boys and girls were throwing down money for pretty much anything she appeared in at the time. Any holiday gave the harlequin honey an excuse to appear in a special.

With skimpy attire and double entendre Valentine’s Day was a no brainer. But, with her and Mr. J’s relationship over, who to target? Why not dust off a notion from the animated series and target Gotham’s most eligible bachelor.

Harley robs from the rich to secure a date with Bruce Wayne who is pimping himself out in a charity auction. Harley has plenty of time to fantasize what her $1 million, $100 bid will buy her. Those dream sequences allowed guest writers and pencilers a chance to fill some blank pages.

Not a bad way to spend Valentine’s Day, but here’s hoping you spend it with someone even more special. Sorry Harley.


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