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Harley Quinn (2016) 55

It’s been about a year since I read Harley. Too much T&A and too little substance.

This being the Christmas season and this being a Christmas cover, I had to buy the issue. A little reluctantly. C’mon, four bucks is four bucks this time of year. Especially when I could pick up a vintage Spider-Man holiday comic book for three.

Anyway, when Paul Dini’s backups ended earlier this year, so did I.

But, it is that time of the year. The covers are great, so why not?

Not that the story is destined to be a classic, but that it really hit home.

Alert: there are spoilers contained in this review. Do not read any further if you don’t wanna know what happens.

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled break down.

It’s the holidays. More importantly it’s Christmas. Harley has decked the halls, trimmed the tree and set the stage for a memorable time with her family. A family Sam Humphries has culled from those who weren’t cast for Christmas Vacation.

After ruining Christmas dinner, Harley’s carefully trimmed Tannenbaum and generally wreaking havoc on the holiday, her mother reveals she’s battling cancer.

What hits home with me is how I spent the previous weekend at a funeral for a someone very dear to me who lost her mother. Cancer was a culprit, but so were other contributing factors. It’s strange how even the fantasy parts of our lives coincide with our real lives. Our escape hatches sometimes dovetail with our real lives.

For those who have lost loved ones this time of year, may God’s grace be with you. Having lost my mother almost 20 years ago to cancer, my condolences to you and yours. It does get easier and those who have gone on before us would not want us to be sad at this time of year or any other. Their memories are legacies and the laughter and lessons imparted will guide us.

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