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Green Lantern (1960) 23

If the idea of ever inking up ever crossed your mind, today may be the day. July 17 is observed as National Tattoo Day.

Green Lantern (1960) 23

Green Lantern (1960) 23

Singing the praises of indelible images inked on your body is Green Lantern’s arch nemesis, the Tattooed Man.

Tattooed Man began his career as a sailor-cum-burglar. Abel Tarrant was the victim of undisclosed chemicals bestowing upon him the ability to create three-dimensional objects from his ink.

His initial appearance was less than spectacular. To offset his losses, Tattooed Man joined the Injustice Gang seeking safety in numbers. Later he would be believed murdered by the Goldface mob.

He would return for the third volume of Green Lantern following Crisis on Infinite Earths. His brush with Guy Gardner, in issue two, didn’t deter his determination to go straight. Tarrant was not seen again until Hal Jordan’s funeral in issue 81.

John Oakes was the second to assume the Tattooed Man persona. His powers were of a more supernatural bent.

Mark Richards became the third incarnation. His tattoos bore his sins against humanity. His demise occurred during Heroes in Crisis.

Sailors bearing mementos of their journeys abroad brought the art to America. Early on they carried a stigma. Now there is a new found acceptance of tattoos which have become popular in the past 10 years.

Those considering a tattoo should remember to find a reputable artist. Decide upon a design. Check spelling if any is involved. Be prepared to pay.

To celebrate, share your ink on #NationalTattooDay.

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