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Gen 13 A Christmas Caper

This 2000 holiday offering opened the millennium with a look at the past.

Gen 13 is/was a team of teens with a mentor. As individuals they were recruited by International Operations, a clandestine government organization along the lines of a James Bondesqe-cabal. They are trained through this organization to become heroes.

Something like that.

For the purpose of the Christmas special, that’s a good enough explanation.

Gen 13 A Christmas Caper

Gen 13 A Christmas Caper

This story takes place when the group was still old enough to believe in Santa Claus. Grunge had concocted a calculation that will give the exact time of Santa’s arrival at the facility. His plan is to hide and record the jolly one’s visit.

What no one realizes is the facility, the children, all the trappings are just bait. IO headman The Baron wishes to exact revenge for years of coal under the Christmas tree.

The plan works and Santa is captured. However, the end result is Christmas magic that reveals The Baron’s suffering was undeserved.

I’ve had this issue for years. Just sitting in my box of holiday comic books. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve pawed past it looking for the next issue to read.

While scheduling ahead for the summer season it was just time to read this book.

Having done so, I can’t believe it took so long. What a fun read. You don’t need to be a fan. I’m not. I may have read the first issue of the original title. It didn’t do anything for me. That’s probably why it took me so long to read this.

I wish I hadn’t. Waited, that is.

Next time you’re at your local comic book shop, leaf through the back issues and see if this one is available. It’s worth the time and money.

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