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From DC to You

DC proudly proclaimed its present to readers for December 1972:  Shazam!

The awkward moment comes with the blurb, “Watch out Superman! Here comes the original Captain Marvel.”

Captain Marvel, aka Shazam, first appeared in Whiz Comics issue two cover dated February 1940. Throughout much of that decade Billy Batson’s alter ego outsold even the mighty Superman. DC took notice of the sales figures and filed a copyright infringement suit against publisher Fawcett alleging its character was too similar to Superman. The suit was finally settled in 1953 when the company promised to cease publication of all Captain Marvel titles as well as to never publish the character again.

DC finally licensed the character in 1972 and brought him into the DC universe. Shazam never regained the popularity he enjoyed in the 1940s and has kicked around in various self-titled incarnations and been a team player with the Justice Society and Justice League at times.


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