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Flash (1987) 87

Flash (1987) 87

Flash (1987) 87

Wally West earned the red union suit he sped through the post-crisis DCU wearing.

He has been part of the Speed Force since Flash (1959) 110. Originally a guest in his uncle-by-marriage’s book, Wally became a back-up feature. Later he would be one of the original Teen Titans.

When Silver Age-mentor Flash, Barry Allen, died (not really) in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wally assumed the Scarlet Speedster’s mantle. By issue 87 Mark Waid was at the book’s helm. Under his guidance Wally sped through two holiday stories; the first in issue 73.

With issue 87 Wally is attempting to spend Christmas Eve with loved ones. Silver-Age holdover Abra Kadabra is the foil in Flash’s plans.

Issue 87 is a good example of how to continue an ongoing story arc while celebrating Christmas.

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