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Flash (1987) 73

Wally West assumed the mantle of Flash following DC’s condensing of multiple universes with Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1985. Prior, Wally was a back-up feature in the Barry Allen Flash comic book first appearing in issue 110 (Flash 1959). Later he would become a founding member of the junior Justice

Flash (1987) 73

League called the Teen Titans as Kid Flash.

Barry Allen “died” in issue eight of the original Crisis imprints sacrificing himself to save the multiverse. A sad event for us Silver-Age fans of the Scarlet Speedster.

Yet the rebooted Flash (1987) with Wally in the red togs was an excellent series. Enough so Mark Waid’s “Christmas Rush” is a little disappointing. Not that it’s a bad story, but you feel it’s a bit rushed. Pun intended.

Wally and Golden-Age Flash, Jay Garrack, spend Christmas Eve as Santa’s helpers averting disaster where they find it. Their night ends with a Christmas Miracle, helped along by Wally, as a young family finds redemption in remorse and new beginnings.

As eve turns to Christmas day, Wally is reminded simpler presents are the most meaningful.

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