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DC Universe Holiday Bash (1996) 1

DC Universe Holiday Bash (1996) 1

DC Universe Holiday Bash (1996) 1

This is the first of three Christmas specials leading to the new millennium. Readers are treated to seven stories featuring Superman, the New Gods, Catwoman, Etrigan the Demon, Green Lantern, the Flash and Batman.

In the first tale Lois Lane retells a story from Superman’s early days. “The Benefaction of Peace” proves loneliness was a problem for even the mightiest of Earth’s heroes.

In “A Highfather Christmas,” the Highfather and Orion embody the commercialism of the holidays with the spirit of the season. They rendezvous with chance and circumstance for a memorable Christmas Eve.

Catwoman shows her softer side in “Bearing Gifts We Traverse Afar.”

Ertigan has a laugh when one man’s greed is spoiled by the wishes of a child in “Santa’s Little Helper.”

Ignorance doesn’t take a holiday as “The Vessel” proves. Green Lantern learns the lesson of Hanukah by showing a little faith.

Wally West speeds around the world in search of the perfect gift. When his thoughts catch up to him, a voice from the past reminds him to listen more closely in “Present Tense.”

Finally, Batman proves to Alfred Christmas Eve isn’t just “One More Night.”

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